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Use Our Soil Preparation and Sod Installation Guide for a Healthy Lawn

To help you install sod that will result in a healthy, green lawn for years to come, the professionals at Chilako Valley Turf have put together soil preparation and sod installation guides. Be sure to view our measuring guide so that you order the right amount of sod for your residential or commercial lawn. Located in Prince George, we sell sod throughout Northern BC. 

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Soil Preparation

  • Clear area to be sodded of all rocks and debris.
  • Slope away from foundations, and grade at least 1” below sidewalks and curbs.
  • The area should have approximately 4” of quality sandy loam.
  • Rake the area smooth and even.
  • Roll lightly with lawn roller to firm the soil and reveal any depressions, and re-rake as necessary.

Sod Installation

  • Install your sod immediately upon delivery.
  • Lay the first row along the longest line, such as a curb, driveway or fence.
  • Butt the edges and ends together tightly, avoid gaps or overlaps.
  • Stagger the joints and form a brick-like pattern. 
  • Cut the sod with a sharp knife, such as a carpet knife or box cutter knife to trim.
  • Roll the area with a roller again, to press roots to the soil and remove air pockets.
  • Water within ½ hour of installation.

Watering and Mowing Your New Sod

  • Saturate the area with water within ½ hour of installation.
  • If you are installing large areas, start watering completed areas while you continue.
  • Water new turf well, and continue to water frequently for the first 2 weeks to maintain a moisture depth of at least 5 inches.

  • Your lawn will require about 1" of water per week from either rain or applied water.
  • Infrequent deep watering is better for your lawn. It is best to avoid frequent light watering which results in shallow rooting. 
  • Deeply rooted grass will better survive drought and hot weather.

  • Mow often, without removing 1/3 of the grass height in a single mowing. Mow in stages if necessary.
  • Optimum height is 2-2½".
  • Clippings can help fertility and should avoid being bagged unless they are excessively heavy. (Heavy clippings may smother your lawn.)
  • Mow your lawn when it is dry and be sure your mower blades are sharp. (Dull blades leave ragged brown tips.)


  • Weeds are best kept under control with a healthy, vigorous lawn. 
  • This is achieved with a good water and fertilizer program
  • Control weeds by pulling, raking and mowing. For extensive areas, once weeds are identified, consult a home and garden centre for a weed management program.
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